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Al-Jazeeras chefredaktör Ahmed Sheikh intevjuas av Pierre Heumann, journalist på schweiziska Die Weltwoche.

Do you mean to say that if Israel did not exist, there would suddenly
be democracy in Egypt, that the schools in Morocco would be better, that the
public clinics in Jordan would function better?
I think so.

Can you please explain to me what the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has to
do with these problems?
The Palestinian cause is central for Arab thinking.

In the end, is it a matter of feelings of self-esteem?
Exactly. It's because we always lose to Israel. It gnaws at the people in
the Middle East that such a small country as Israel, with only about 7 million
inhabitants, can defeat the Arab nation with its 350 million. That hurts our
collective ego. The Palestinian problem is in the genes of every Arab. The
West's problem is that it does not understand this.

Egentligen är det alltså så att 350 miljoner araber (+ ca 1 miljard andra muslimer och västerländska apologeter), helt enkelt är sura för att de är så odugliga som soldater och ständigt blir bitchslappade av mininationen Israel. Den muslimska gnälligheten antar helt nya dimensioner.

Målet i mellanöstern för muslimer är inte fred. Målet är utrotning av judar och förintandet av staten Israel. Måtte oljan i mellanöstern ta slut å det snaraste.


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